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Familiars are assistants which are sent into battle along with heroes and can be really powerful if used correctly. You can station a maximum of 5 familiars on your wall in addition to your heroes, depending on how many slots you have unlocked. Defense familiars work in a slightly different way compared to attacking. This article talks about the best familiars to use on your wall for defending rallies in lords mobile.

To use a familiar in battle it needs to be awakened, i.e. you need to upgrade it’s army talents. See my guide on Familiar Awakening & Best Army Talents for more info about which are the best familiars to upgrade overall and their respective costs.

In addition to using the correct familiars, you also need to station the right heroes on wall for defense and use the correct defense gear & jewels.

Update : Changed the recommended lineups to include the newly added familiars, Jade Wyrm, Hell Drider, Mole Shaman, Magus & Noceros.

Difference between Attack & Defense Familiars

1. Boosting Single Troop vs All Troop Types

When defending attacks on your castle, you will generally have an equal distribution of Infantry, Ranged and Cavalry troops, so you will want to station familiars which boost all 3 troop types.

In contrast, when you are attacking someone, you generally use a single troop type and it’s preferable to send familiars which gives maximum boost for that troop type. These are the Top Familiars to use when Attacking.

2. Difference in number of troops

Most of the really strong attack familiars activate only when 8-15% of your troops are dead. The number of troops that can be sent in an attack are limited, so these familiars trigger easily and give a huge boost. However when defending attacks on your castle, you might have a large number of troops, ranging in several million.

If you station familiars on your wall that trigger after 10% troops have fallen, they will only activate after you have already lost a large number (possibly millions) of troops. So for defense it might be more beneficial to use familiars which activate at the start of the battle, even if they give a comparably smaller boost.

Wall Defense Familiars

Read on to find out the best familiars to station on your wall for defense :

Best Lineup for Wall Defence Familiars

Wall Defense Familiars Lords Mobile

This familiar lineup works best for wall defense in most situations, since most familiars’ army talent triggers at the start or fairly early in the battle.

  • Bon Appeti, Blackwing & Gargantua – If you have unlocked the Pact 5 familiars, these 3 are really great option to use. They deal 600% of the initial troop type damage to the largest enemy squad, and activate after only 4% troops are dead. All 3 of the familiars trigger at once after 4% of your army is dead and deal damage proportional to your ATK stats.
  • Jade Wyrm – The newly added Jade Wyrm familiar is a great option to use on the wall for defence. It reduces the damage inflicted by enemy troops by 9%, after 4% of troops are dead. This reduced the hitting power of the enemy substantially and triggers fairly early in the battle, so it works well for defence.
  • Evil Weevil – This is a great option for defense because it gives a 15% HP boost to your whole army at the start of the battle. Higher army HP is one of the most important things to boost while defending, so it’s a really great option to use.

Alternate Defense Lineup

Wall Defense Familiars Alt

If you are defending against multiple rallies or against a strong opponent where you expect to lose a large number of troops, then these familiars will give a huge boost. They are also a good option if you have a very small army, in which case the familiars will activate without you losing much troops.

  • Hell Drider – The newly added Hell Drider, petrifies one of the largest enemy squads for 11 seconds, when 7% of your troops are dead. This works very well when defending against blasts, since hell drider will essentially freeze 1/4th of the enemy troops for 11 seconds. The only concern since it triggers after 7% troops dying, it may not be so useful if you have a very large number of troops, but will work really well for smaller comps.

Replacement Wall Defense Familiars

If you have not yet unlocked the Pact 5 familiars, here are some suggested replacement options.

  • Aquiris – This is another great option for defense, which does the opposite of Evil Weevil and reduces enemy’s Max HP by 15% at the start of battle.
  • Gryphon – Gryphon is an amazing familiar, since it gives a 200% ATK boost to the whole army when 10% troops have fallen. That is an amazing increase in stats, which can be very useful against strong opponents, however it triggers after 10% losses, so maybe only useful for smaller comps or against very strong enemies.
  • Tempestite – Tempestite stuns the largest enemy squad for 8 secs when 10% troops have fallen. Since most people attack with just 1 troop type, tempestite will essentially stun 1/4th of their army, which gives you a huge advantage.
  • Engineer, Gnome, Yeti – These familiars give a 15% ATK boost for a single troop type at the start of battle. The disadvantage is that since they boost only 1 troop type, you need to use up 3 slots for them. One way to use them is to station Evil Weevil and Aquiris along with one of these which boosts your frontline.
  • Jaziek, Terraspike, Magmalord – These familiars reduce the enemy’s HP for a single troop type by 40% at the start of battle. They give a decent boost and also trigger at the beginning, but you need to use three slots for them. If you know what troop type the enemy is attacking with, then it’s a great option to use the familiar for that troop type, or just station one of them based on your frontline.
  • Mole Shaman, Magus, Noceros – The newly added familiars provide a 60% ATK & 60% HP boost for a single troops type for 15 secs, after 5% troops of that type have fallen. While the stats they provide are pretty solid, you will need to use up 3 slots for them. Since they only trigger after 5% troops of that type are dead, only the familiar corresponding to your frontline will get triggered, so they are useful only if you always defend in a certain front or know what troop type is coming.
  • Mega Maggot – This familiar stuns all enemy heroes for 5 secs. Although the boost from mega maggot sounds great on paper, but since it triggers after 15% of your troops have fallen, it really doesn’t work too well for defense.
  • Pyris – Pyris gives a 60% boost to heros’ tactical skills for 10 secs at the start of battle. That is a great boost and also triggers at the start of battle. However the problem is that in a battle the troops have to walk for a few seconds before they start attacking. Also people will usually send some buffers in their frontline. So by the time the actual troops/heroes reach your wall and start fighting, a large portion of the 10 secs boost would already have passed without the pyris having done much damage.

Ending Notes

Which combination of familiars you use will ultimately depend on the familiars you have awakened so far, the number of slots that have been opened and to some extent the stats of the attacker. Thus the best combination varies of defense familiars varies with every player and situation.

Even so, in general the paid Pact 5 familiars are the best options along with the HP buff/debuff familiars. The newly added Jade Wyrm & Hell Drider are great choices to use in the lineup, albeit costly to upgrade. However, just using Evil Weevil & Aquiris in your defense creates a 30% gap in your and your enemy’s HP which is pretty significant, specially since it applies at the start of battle.

What familiars do you use for defense? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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    • Since the new ATK/HP familiars only trigger when 5% troops of one troop type have fallen, they may not be so useful unless you know what troop type the enemy is hitting with, or you always defend in the same front.


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