Material Madness Pack Lords Mobile

Material Madness pack gives some Monstrous Chests and chests for each of the other main monsters for making war gear. This pack does not include materials and chests from the newer monsters.

Monstrous chests drops rare material for the monsters. And the individual monster chests can drop any material including rare or normal.

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Material Madness Expanded Pack

Material Madness Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Material Madness Pack Full Rotation

You can buy this pack starting from $5 and going up to the $100, however the value of the pack reduces as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $5 pack β€“ 10 Monstrous Chests + 60 each Monster chests
  • $20 pack β€“ 38 Monstrous Chests + 233 each Monster chests
  • $50 pack β€“ 90 Monstrous Chests + 473 each Monster chests
  • $100 pack β€“ 188 Monstrous Chests + 825 each Monster chests

Is Material Madness worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

Material Madness is a great pack for upgrading your gear when you are in the beginning stages of the game since you will need materials for almost all your gear types. Later when you only need specific rare materials, it’s a better option to get them through other packs or tycoon, labyrinth etc.

However this pack only gives materials for the old monsters, so will not be useful for making new monster gear. Other packs like Walking on Sunshine or Let it Snow also offer great value depending on which monster material you are looking for.

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