Forge Supplies Pack Lords Mobile

Forge Supplies pack can be purchased in the Forge Supplies section in Workshop building in Lords Mobile.

This section has individual packs which give rare materials and chests for all the monsters, which can be used for making monster gear.

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Forge Supplies have individual packs for each monster. The packs for the newer monsters cost $3, while the ones for most the older ones are available for $2.

The packs for all the monsters are available everyday and have a daily purchase limit of 2.

Is Forge Supplies Pack Worth Buying?

Rating : 3/5

Forge Supplies pack gives 10 rare materials and between 30 to 110 monsters chests for each monster for $2-3.

This pack is ok value to purchase if you just need materials for one particular monster. Otherwise it will be better to get packs with bundles of monster chests or rare materials. Getting material from tycoon or labyrinth will also be a better value.

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