Lunite Supplies Pack Lords Mobile

Lunite Supplies pack in Lords Mobile provides Lunite which is essential for making and training T5 troops.

T5 troops are the most powerful troops in Lords Mobile, and quite expensive, since they need Lunite in addition to other rss to train and heal.

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Lunite Supplies Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Lunite Supplies Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available for $24 value and can be purchased once per rotation.

Is Lunite Supplies pack worth buying?

Rating : 3/5

Lunite Supplies pack gives 91M lunite for $24 at a value of 3.7M lunite/$, along with some food.

This pack is much more costly than Lunite Scavenger. Even the $20, $50 & $100 versions of that pack are better value than this, so should avoid buying this unless you need lunite urgently.

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