Dig for Treasure Pack Lords Mobile

Dig for Treasure pack gives Brilliant Astralite chests, star scrolls, monster chests as well as some resources.

The pack gives a mix of items with brilliant astralite chest which drops astralite for upgrading gear, star scrolls for castle skins and material for monster gear.

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Dig for Treasure Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Dig for Treasure Pack Full Rotation

This pack is available just for $2 and can be purchased only once per rotation.

Is Dig for Treasure pack worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

The pack has a mix of few items. It gives 10 brilliant astralite chests, 10 star scrolls, 15 each monster chests and some rss.

The pack maybe worth buying to get star scrolls which are cheaper with this pack, although it will take a long time to get them.

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