Special Bargain (Artifact) Pack Lords Mobile

Special Bargain pack is a great pack that gives artifact records, artifact coins and royal coins. The coins can be used to open artifact chests and obtain various artifacts to boost your stats, and the records can be used to upgrade them.

Artifacts give a huge boost in stats even if partially upgraded. You can also read about the Best Artifacts to Upgrade.

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Special Bargain Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

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The pack is available for $20 and $50 bundles. The value of the pack remains the same as you scale up. The following packs are available to buy in one rotation :

  • $20 pack – 4500 Green Records + 1000 Artifact Coins + 1000 Royal Coins
  • $50 pack – 11200 Green Records + 2500 Artifact Coins + 2500 Royal Coins

Is Special Bargain (Artifact) pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

Special Bargain pack gives 225 green records/$ (1 gold record = 216 green records). It also gives 50 artifact coins/$ as well as 50 royal coins/$.

It is much harder to obtain the records to upgrade artifacts compared to obtaining their shards and brushes. So once you’ve obtained all the artifacts this pack is a much better value to get the records compared to getting coins.

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