Tycoon Challenge Pack Lords Mobile

Tycoon Challenge pack gives Marvelous Tokens which can be used in the Tycoon Challenge event. It also gives Tycoon Badges which can be exchanged for various items like 100% Army Size Boosts, Leader Skins, and 11K heros.

Tycoon Challenge is a newer event of tycoon in Lords Mobile where you can use Marvelous Tokens to advance on a map and receive rare materials for newer monsters like Arctic Flipper, Serpent Gladiator and Necrosis along with various other materials.

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The pack is only available for $2 and can be purchased once per rotation.

Is Tycoon Challenge pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

This pack gives 100 Marvelous Tokens for $2 at a value of 50 tokens/$. This is the best value pack to buy for marvelous tokens. If you need additional tokens the Marvelous Token Store also has some good deals to obtain the tokens.

Tycoon Challenge is one of the best ways to get rare materials like Ambergris Crystal, Dune Core and Rotten Blood from the newer monsters Arctic Flipper, Serpent Gladiator and Necrosis. In addition, it also gives tons of other goodies like gems, rss, chaos cores, boosts, carpets etc., making it a great purchase.

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Let us know how your drop rates are for tycoon challenge and if you think this pack is worth getting.

2 thoughts on “Tycoon Challenge Pack Lords Mobile”

  1. This is the best pack, and challenge in the game for many reasons. First of all, the amount of gems you win! Secondly, the new monster rares are easy to obtain at green level x10. Third, the new leader skins are amazing! Additionally, I like the 100% army size attack boost, 1000s of chaos cores, and so much more! I’m always in the top three, which gives mystic carpet III. The rewards are worth the small amount you pay, if you buy anything, I recommend this pack.

    • You are right, this is among the best packs to buy in the game. I wonder about the value of the new leader skins though, if they are useful for battle or just nice to look at.


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