Bon Appeti Hero Lineup Lords Mobile

Bon Appeti is probably the most hunted or sought out monster in Lords mobile. I’ve added the best hero lineup for Bon Appeti with free and paid heroes, as well as the important Bon Appeti gear you should make.

The Glowing Halo, on top of Bon Appeti’s head is an essential rare material to make Ambrosial Cups which is used by almost every Lords mobile warrior :

  1. Range set rally lead
  2. Infantry set rally lead
  3. Mixed set for leads & defence

Just as a reminder champion gear beats everything so I will talk about war gear in context of free-to-play (f2p) players who don’t want to spend so much money :p

There are few other gears which beginners can build from Bon Appeti which I will share in later sections. Bon Appeti is unique in a way that it can deal both physical and magic damage. Therefore, if you want to beat this huge smiling assassin follow my recommendations:

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Bon Appeti – Quick Monster Manual


DMG Type: Physical and Magic

Strong Against: High MDEF

Weak Against: This fallen angel is immune to all ailments, strikes at long range, and possesses the strange power to turn her nearby opponents into food. Take her down with physical attacks before your heroes become her next meal!

Bon Appeti Free Hero Lineup

Here is my recommended best known free-to-play (f2p) hero lineup against the Bon Appeti: Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Trickster.

Bon Appeti F2P Hero Lineup

A breakdown of best free heroes to use by monster level, along with alternate recommendations :

LevelBest Free HeroesAlternative if you don’t have main heroes
1-4Black Crow, Scarlet Bolt, Demon Slayer, Tracker, TricksterDeath Archer, Death Knight
5Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Trickster, Death KnightTracker, Shade, Death Archer

Bon Appeti Paid Hero Lineup

You can deal more damage if you replace free heroes with special paid heroes. Here is my recommended best known pay-to-play (p2p) hero lineup against the Bon Appeti : Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Femme Fatale.

Bon Appeti P2P Hero Lineup

A breakdown of best paid heroes to use by monster level, along with alternate recommendations :

LevelBest Paid HeroesAlternative if you don’t have main heroes
1-4Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Femme Fatale, Scarlet Bolt, TrackerTrickster, Mastercook
5Black Crow, Demon Slayer, Vengeful Centaur, Scarlet Bolt, MastercookTrickster, Femme Fatale

Bon Appeti Materials

You can obtain the following monster material from Bon Appeti –

  • Glowing HaloGlowing Halo
  • Angelic PlumeAngelic Plume
  • Holy Silk Holy Silk
  • Lux BracersLux Bracers

Bon Appeti War Gear

Bon Appeti Monster Hunt

You can deal great damage to Bon Appeti with my recommended setup shared above. For Bon Appeti, both f2p and p2p sets deal almost similar damage so you don’t need to worry much. Damage per hit is also significantly higher compared to other monsters so it is win-win on all fronts.

  • f2p hero lineup
  • high damage per hit
  • great gear

Now lets look into the gear piece you should focus on from Bon Appeti. Earlier I gave highlight of Ambrosial Cup but there are couple of other pieces too that you can make. However, Ambrosial cup requires lots of rare material at each stage i.e. 13 Glowing Halo which makes it the hardest and most time consuming gear to forge for f2p players. For this reason, I don’t recommend making anything other than Ambrosial cup. :

1. Ambrosial cup (Accessory)

Ambrosial Cup
  • Inf ATK 35%
  • Inf HP 14%
  • Rng ATK 35%
  • Rng HP 14%

Must for Range blast set. Must for Infantry Blast set. Must for F2P mixed defense set. The range and infantry HP is such a big bonus for traps because no one ever sits in cav front xp . Even if you can get cups to purple that will do the trick.

2. Decadent sword (Main-Hand)

Decadent Sword
  • Inf ATK 35%
  • Inf HP 14%
  • Rng ATK 35%
  • Rng DEF 14%

Good for Inf and Rng Blast set (DON’T recommend making it because there are other Main-Hand which are better and more importantly it takes away rare material which could be used for irreplaceable Cups)

3. Hedonic Cuirass (Armor)

Hedonic Cuirass
  • Inf ATK 35%
  • Rng ATK 35%
  • Inf HP 42%

Good for Inf Blast set but don’t recommend making it for same reason above. Our alternative Terror shield is best Armor for Infantry set.

4. Indulgent Visage (Helmet)

Indulgent Visage
  • Inf ATK 14%
  • Rng ATK 14%

Easy to make gear for beginners when leader is at level 40 or below. But not recommended to make.

Ending Notes

Bon Appeti is a great monster. It is easy to kill with f2p heroes and provides awesome gear for every lords mobile player, umm, except farmers xD. Ambrosial Cup is a must accessory and since there are three accessory slots you need to make atleast 3. I often see people making 6 (one for range and one for inf sets) to avoid re-jeweling during war.

  • Ambrosial Cup is a must Accessory for Range rally leads
  • Ambrosial Cup is a must Accessory for Infantry rally leads
  • Ambrosial Cup is a must Accessory for rally party traps because of the additional HP boosts

Save your Glowing Halo’s (Rare material) to make Ambrosial cup and you will stand confident even when fighting Emperor. I know many of you wont believe but I defended many rallies as trap with even blue and purple cups when I was new 🙂

Happy fighting and happy hunting!

What heroes do you use to hunt Bon Appeti? If not Ambrosial cups, what else do you use? Please let us know in comments.

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  1. For accessories, I use 2 cups (blue and purple) and 1 purple ring. Close to converting that blue ring to purple. Pretty easy to defend with these three.

    • Blue Ambrosial Cup stats might be quite low though to keep in mixed set, you might be better off with using a Burning Scroll in place if you have it.


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