Wolfpack Sigil Pack Lords Mobile

Wolfpack Sigil pack gives Wolfpack Sigils which provides pack attack to rally participants in wonder battles. It also gives some monster chests and resources.

Pack attack increases rally attack for wonder battles based on the sigils on the participant’s gear when joining the rally. These sigils can be added to the 4th slot in gear.

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Wolfpack Sigil Pack Full Rotation

You can buy this pack starting from $5 and going up to $100. The value of the pack decreases as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $5 pack – 6 Wolfpack Sigils
  • $20 pack – 18 Wolfpack Sigils
  • $50 pack – 36 Wolfpack Sigils
  • $100 pack – 54 Wolfpack Sigils

Is Wolfpack Sigil pack worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

Wolfpack Sigil pack gives 6 sigils for $5. It’s the best value pack to buy to obtain Wolfpack sigils. However, you can also obtain them from in game events like cargo ship, bargain store, exchange extravaganza etc.

Wolfpack sigils are very valuable to have in wonder rallies, but they don’t benefit you personally, they benefit the rally lead and guild as whole. So the decision to make them is based on how actively involved you and your guild is in wonder battles.

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