Castle Remodeling Pack Lords Mobile

Castle Remodeling pack gives Star Scrolls for upgrading castle skins. It also gives some research speed ups along with some resources.

You can purchase castle skins in Lords Mobile and upgrade them up to 5 stars with the help of Star Scrolls. The skins provide passive stats for ATK, HP & Def. You can also read about Best Castle Skins to Upgrade in the game.

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Castle Remodeling Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

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Royal Coins pack is available only for $50 value and can be purchased just once per rotation.

Is Castle Remodeling pack worth buying?

Rating : 2/5

Castle remodeling pack gives you only 100 star scrolls for $100 at a value for 1 scroll/$.

This pack is absolutely not worth buying for any reason. The Pop-up Fortification Offer and Fortify Your Castle packs have a much better value.

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