Familiar EXP Booster Pack Lords Mobile

Familiar EXP Booster pack gives Chest of Hasty Merging, Anima Chest, EXP Elixir, Speed UP Merging and Pact Merging Boosts.

EXP Elixir is needed to level up the familiars so that their skills can be enhanced and they can be sent into battle. Chest of Hasty Merging provides merging speed ups which can be used for merging familiar pacts.

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Familiar Exp Booster Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

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This pack is available only for $20 and can be just once purchased per rotation.

Is Familiar EXP Booster pack worth buying?

Rating : 2/5

You can get 60 EXP Elixir from this pack for $20 at a value of 3 elixir/$. It also gives some merging speeds and anima.

Overall the cost of this pack is too high to get the EXP Elixirs. However, if you are in a hurry it’s the best pack value pack to buy EXP elixirs. The 7-Day Familiar Bundle and Pop-up Familiar EXP Offer packs provide a much better value.

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