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Diamond Icon 1,999$19
Diamond Icon 4,999$45
Diamond Icon 9,999$89

Promo – 35% EXTRA

Note – can avail offer only once on first purchase

Diamond Icon 27,089$200
Diamond Icon 16,253$120
Diamond Icon 10,836$81
Diamond Icon 5,417$42


  1. Your IGG ID (you can find it in your Account Settings in game)
  2. Name of your castle
  3. The pack of diamonds you want to buy
  4. Screenshot with receipt of payment

How to use Lords Mobile diamonds to buy packs?

Diamonds are a currency in Lords Mobile and can be used to purchase packs. You can use your diamonds by installing the official APK of Lords Mobile Diamond Version on any Android device.

How to use Lords Mobile diamonds to buy packs

If using another version you can visit the pack store in game and click on settings (3 bars on top left). The you can choose the checkbox next to diamonds to use them to purchase packs, instead of real currency.

LMScan Shield Bot

LMScan Shield Bot


UltraFast LMScan Shield Bot (<30 sec scan) – $45 / month (30 day subscription)

Additional -> KVK Option (set different KD’s in different chats) – $5


These are the main features of the shield bot –

  • Keep track of castles in the kingdom at the fall of the shield.
  • Detailed information about the history of castle activity.
  • Online monitoring of castles before rally and during rally.
  • Search for castles with a fury on the kingdom map.
  • Search for inactive 24h castles from guild and filter by strength.
  • Search for castles without shields of a certain guild.
  • Search for a castle kicked from the wonder province.
  • Tracking castle with regular coordinate updates.
  • Highlighting castles on the fury without a leader!
  • Highlighting events from the messenger of the kingdom (rally news).
  • Separate chats for different kingdoms during KVK (option).
  • Displays the player’s equipment.
  • Buttons!


We will need the following from you when placing an order –

  1. Telegram app required
  2. Your subscription length and any additional options you want to add.
  3. Screenshot with receipt of payment

Contact Us

To place your orders, please contact my trusted friend at any of the below channels –

Telegram Icon Telegram

Discord Icon Discord

Whatsapp Icon Whatsapp

  • +7 962 743-20-17

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept the following payment methods for your convenience –

  • Wise Icon WISE
  • USDT Icon USDT
  • Paypal Icon Paypal

After paying, please send a screenshot of the payment receipt for delivery.

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