Lightweaver Pack Lords Mobile

Lightweaver is the pack for obtaining medals for the 11k hero Lightweaver. It also gives some rss.

Lightweaver is one of the 3 most powerful heroes in the game and gives very high stats. You can also see the Best P2P Heroes to purchase in Lords Mobile.

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Lightweaver Pack Lords Mobile

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This pack is only available for $100 pack value but can be purchased unlimited times in a day. First purchase of the pack will also give you access to elite labyrinth and gift shop.

Is Lightweaver pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

Lightweaver has the most powerful stats in the game and makes a huge difference in your game specially for wonder battles, chalice, baron, emperor etc.

However, the hero costs $11k to fully upgrade (hence the name) and so you should only start making it if you are committed to finishing.

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