Turf Club Pack Lords Mobile

Turf Club pack gives 25% boost for research speed, construction speed and Player EXP. It also enabled one-tap collection for admin and guild quests.

These benefits are valid for 30 days from purchase and can be renewed again after that.

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The pack is available for $10 and can be purchased once in 30 days.

Is Turf Club pack worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

The value of the pack depends on what stage of the game you are in. It can be quite useful for new players to reduce the time required for research & construction as well as raise player EXP faster. For older players, pack just offers a bit more convenience, since it allows one click collection of guild & admin quests, and is not worth purchasing.

For new players, you can try purchase the pack once or twice and try to stack up your researches and construction together and use EXP boosting items in that period. For example you can accumulate speeds ups and resources to do a lot of research & construction in a few days. You can also save up guild & admin quests, gear forging and other EXP raising items for this time, as well as try to participate in battles during this period to get EXP.

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