Monster Slayer Pack Lords Mobile

Monster Slayer is the pack for Monster Hunting Gear. It gives Slayer Chests and Hunter’s Flame (rare material) along with some monster hunting energy and food.

Monster hunting gear increases the damage dealt to monsters, reduces the amount of energy needed to kill them and speeds up monster hunt march.

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Monster Slayer Pack Full Rotation

You can buy this pack starting from $5 and going up to the $50. The value of the pack decreases as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $5 pack – 53 Slayer Chests + 53 Hunter’s Flame + 8 x 10000 Energy
  • $20 pack – 180 Slayer Chests + 180 Hunter’s Flame + 15 x 10000 Energy
  • $5 pack – 450 Slayer Chests + 450 Hunter’s Flame + 35 x 10000 Energy

Is Monster Slayer pack worth buying?

Rating : 2/5

The Monster Slayer pack gives 53 rare material and 53 chests for $5. It’s the best set to get to make monster hunt gear.

However, it is quite costly to make this gear just to hunt monsters. I recommend just doing the cheap upgrades to monster gear such as making a few pieces gold or purple.

Before you Go

Let us know how your drop rates are for Slayer Chests and if you think this pack is worth getting.

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