Blazing Embers Pack Lords Mobile

Blazing Embers pack gives Blazing Embers and Ember Chests. Ember chests also give blazing embers. It also gives some resources.

You will need blazing embers for upgrading all your gear to legendary grade. The good thing with embers though is that the drop rates from the chests are pretty good and it’s common to be able to get gold ember drops from chests.

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The pack is available only for $50 value and can be purchased just once per rotation.

Is Blazing Embers pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

The pack gives 350 blazing embers along with 250 ember chests for $50. It gives a value of 7 embers and 5 chest per $1.

This is the best value pack to buy embers, however since it’s only available for $50, you don’t have the option to buy a lesser price pack slowly, or purchase more at once. If you are looking to purchase $5 or $100 packs you can consider the Mythic Forge pack.

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