Tigris Ursa Power Pack Lords Mobile

Tigris Ursa Power pack gives Tigris Ursa chest, which drops Tigris & Ursa Sigils – Ursa Skull, Ursa Dusk, Ursa Fury, Tigris Skull, Tigris Dusk and Tigris Fury.

These sigils can be added to the 4th slot in gear and provide attack boosts to the rally lead in wonder battles.

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This pack is only available in $50 value and can be bought just once per rotation.

Is Tigris Ursa Power pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

Tigris Ursa Power gives 20 Tigris Ursa Chest for $50. It’s the best value pack to buy to obtain Tigris & Ursa sigils.

The other pack for sigils for $20 has the same value but it takes a long time to buy them with just that pack. If you are looking to upgrade sigils, this pack is recommended to buy.

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