How to Setup Battalions in Lords Mobile

Whether you are looking to do rallies or solo attacks, having the correct battalions setup for each troop type blast is very important to maximize the damage to the enemy and improve your chances of victory. Learn how to setup your battalions correctly including using the correct troop composition, heroes & familiars.

If you are looking for info on phalanx testing battalions, you can read this guide on Checking Enemy’s Phalanx which includes battalions for breaking the wall along with cav, rng & inf testing lineups.

Update : Revised the battalions to include the new familiar Jade Wyrm.

Below I’ve included the troop lineups and the things to keep in mind for setting your battalions –

Basic Principles for Setting up Battalions

1. Buffers

When you attack an enemy castle, you need to first break the wall before you can start to hit their troops. While your heroes are breaking the wall, your troops will continue to take damage from the enemy’s wall traps & troops. Even if the wall is broken, the troops will take some time to walk to the enemy frontline during which time they will keep getting hit, reducing their numbers before they can even begin attacking.

In order to combat this, when hitting with a blast, you can send a small buffer of each of the other troop types in the front and use a formation that keeps your main troops in the back. This way your buffers can take at least the initial 2 waves of attacks from the wall traps & enemy troops, while your main force can reach the front without taking damage.

In general, you should send at least 4 of each of the other troop types with your blast as buffers. However, in case of bigger walls, stronger enemies or range blasts you might need to send a few more (more on that below). However, the number of buffers shouldn’t be high enough to start affecting morale.

2. Siege

Siege is an often ignored, but one of the most important parts of any battalion. Siege troops have the special characteristic that they stay in the back in all formations and do not move to the front like other troops.

A battle in Lords Mobile lasts for 40 seconds. When you’re attacking an enemy, if they are not able to kill all your troops within this 40 second period, you will walk back with your leader.

After the enemy has killed your inf-rng-cav troops, their troops will take some time to reach your siege troops all the way in the back, before they can begin attacking. Therefore, just having a small amount of siege in your battalion will waste some of the battle period, often allowing your leader to escape.

I generally send 1000 T3 siege to increase my chances of walkback. This number can be slightly adjusted, and people can send anywhere between 100 to 10k siege in their battalions depending on the enemy.

Some people prefer using T4 siege as it has a higher HP, however it also slows down the walk. I prefer using T3 siege, specially for range and cavalry blasts to not slow down my march.

3. 60/40 Comp

In Lord battles, when you attack a castle, 60% of the troops lost during the battle are wounded and go to your infirmary, while 40% of them die. Higher tier troops go to the infirmary first, while the lower tier ones die.

Given that T5 are very expensive to make, when attacking with T5 + T4, you should send 60% T5 in the battle and 40% T4. This way none of your T5 will die. The same principle will be followed if doing leaderless T4 + T2 rallies, where you would send 60% T4 and 40% T2.

When calculating the 60/40 ratios for the troops, make sure to exclude the other troops in your lineup like buffers, siege etc. as they might not always die (specially siege), and you might end up losing T5.

4. Meatshield

Meatshield is basically a small number of T2 troops sent along with T5 T4 troops in the battle. This prevents some of the T4s from dying, since the smaller T2 troops will die first. While not so useful for rallies, meatshields are nice to send for solo attacks to prevent a huge number of T4 losses.

You shouldn’t send too high amount of meat shield though, otherwise you lose attacking power. For solo attacks, I generally send 20k to 60k meatshield depending on the size of the target.

Battalions for Each Troop Type

These are the battalions to use for Infantry, Range & Cavalry blasts along with the heroes, familiars to use while attacking.

1. Infantry Blast

Infantry Battalion

Heroes – Send 4 Infantry heroes with the best stats, along with your leader which has an army attack. The 5th hero / leader does not need to be infantry hero, since there are only 4 infantry squads, but their stats would still apply. I’ve listed the Best Infantry Heroes to use for p2p as well as f2p players, so you can pick the top 4 ones that you have.

Familiars – Send your best familiars for Infantry attack. Bon Appeti, Huey Hops, Jade Wyrm, Hoarder & Gemmin Gremlin are the top ones, but you can see Best Familiars for Attack to find out what replacements to use if you don’t have these.

Troop Composition – Send at least 4 range & 4 cavalry troops as buffers for an infantry blast. I prefer sending 48 range & 48 cavalry troops for big walls, but the number can go up or down slightly. Also include the 1000 T3 siege for walk backs. For the remaining number of troops out of 375k, I send 60% T5 and 40% T4 infantry.

2. Ranged Blast

Range Battalion

Heroes – Similar to above, you need to send 4 Ranged heroes with the highest stats. The 5th hero will be your leader with army attack stats and doesn’t need to be a ranged hero. You can see the Best Ranges Heroes & replacements to use for f2p & p2p players and pick the top 4.

Familiars – Blackwing, Queen Bee, Jade Wyrm, Snow Beast & Trickstar are the top familiars for Ranged blast. You can see Best Familiars for Attack for the replacements.

Troop Composition – Buffers are a must have for range blasts. If there are no melee troops like infantry & cavalry in your lineup, the enemy troops will walk out of the wall in infantry phalanx and your range hit will get countered. Because of this special case with ranged troops, I send atleast 1000 of each infantry & cavalry T4 as buffers for range blasts to make sure they don’t get killed, specially in case of a garrison. The 1000 T3 siege for walk backs and remaining 60% T5 and 40% T4 ranged are calculated same as above.

3. Cavalry Blast

Cavalry Battalion

Heroes – Similar to the above two, you need to send 4 cavalry heroes along with an army attack leader. You can see the list of Best Cavalry heroes to use for p2p and f2p players for replacement suggestions.

Familiars – Send the top cavalry familiars like Gargantua, Frostwing, Jade Wyrm, Saberfang & Goblin. See Best Familiars for Attack to find out the replacements.

Troop Composition – The troop composition for cavalry blast is very similar to infantry. I send 48 infantry & 48 range troops as buffers, along with 1000 T3 siege. The rest of the troops are cavalry T5 & T4 in a 60/40 ratio.

What battalions do you use for attacking in Lords Mobile? Do you have any other tips for or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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