Plentiful Offerings Pack Lords Mobile

Plentiful Offerings pack gives Monstrous Crates, Wishing Star, Shiny Surprise and monster chests along with some resources.

Monstrous Crates drop rare material for monsters including the newer ones. Wishing Star drops holy stars and Shiny Surprise gives gems.

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Plentiful Offerings Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Plentiful Offerings Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available in $2 value and can be bought just once per rotation.

Is Plentiful Offerings pack worth buying?

Rating : 2.5/5

A Fine Day pack gives around 10 Monstrous Crates, 4 Wishing Stars, 4 Shiny Surprise and 30 chests each for Serpent Gladiator, Blackwing and Saberfang.

Although the pack is priced quite low at $2, it doesn’t have too many useful items.

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