Amazing Astralite Pack Lords Mobile

Amazing Astralite pack gives Astralite Chests along with some resources. Each astralite chest can drop somewhere between 1 to 30 astralite.

Astralite can be used for upgrading gear and gives a huge boost in stats. You can upgrade gear from level 1 to 12 with astralite. However, the higher levels become very costly to upgrade.

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Amazing Astralite Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Amazing Astralite Pack Full Rotation

The pack starts from $5 and scales up to $100, but it’s value keeps on decreasing. You can purchase the following packs in one rotation :

  • $5 pack – 3 astralite chests
  • $20 pack – 10 astralite chests
  • $50 pack – 15 astralite chests + 15 Astralite
  • $100 pack – 30 astralite chests + 30 Astralite

Is Amazing Astralite pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

Assuming the worst case scenario of 1 astralite per chest, the pack has a value of 0.6 astralite/$. However the value improves significantly if you get better drops.

It’s a decent pack to purchase to obtain astralite quickly or use for 1+1 coupons, however the drops will depend a lot on your luck. If you are looking for surer drops with better value you can purchase the Weekly Astralite Pass pack. The Pop-up Tempering Offer also has great value.

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