Devil’s Cap Pack Lords Mobile

Devil’s Cap pack gives Devil’s Cap which can be used to poison your leaders. It also gives some speed ups and resources.

Your leader will die and come back from prison in 24 hours if it has been captured after using the poison. The number of devil’s cap needed to poison your leader will depend on your might ranking in the kingdom.

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Devil's Cap Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Devil’s Cap Pack Full Rotation

You can buy this pack starting from $5 and going up to $100. The value of the pack decreases as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $5 pack – 1 Devil’s Cap
  • $20 pack – 1 Devil’s Cap
  • $50 pack – 3 Devil’s Cap
  • $100 pack – 5 Devil’s Cap

Is Devil’s Cap pack worth buying?

Rating : 3/5

The pack gives one Devil’s cap for $5. This would allow your leader to return in 24 hours instead of having to wait for 3 days after it has been captured.

However, this item can be obtained from bargain stores or other special events. The cost for the pacl is a bit high, but can keep a few Devil’s Cap for urgent cases if needed.

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