Let It Snow Pack Lords Mobile

Let It Snow pack gives Brilliant Astralite Chests, Champion Chests, Chest of Hasty Coaching and some monster material chests.

The chests from this pack drop astralite to upgrade gear, training speeds for troops as well as material for champion and monster gear.

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Let It Snow Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Let It Snow Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available in $6 value and can be bought just once per rotation.

Is Let It Snow pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

The pack gives 120 Brilliant Astralite Chests, 120 Champion Chests, 20 Chests of Hasty Coaching and 100 each Monster chests.

Overall the pack gives a good mix of useful items like astralite and material for champ and monster gear. If you are in the beginning stages of the game, it’s a decent pack to buy to get a good variety of items.

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