Assault Force Pack Lords Mobile

Assault Force pack gives Assault Jewel chests, Army Assault jewels, IC Assault jewels, CR Assault jewels and RI Assault Jewels along with some resources.

Each gear in Lords has 3 slots where you can embed jewels to gain extra stats. One jewel can only be placed in one of the 3 slots per gear.

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Assault Force Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

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The pack is available for $50 and can be purchased once per rotation.

Is Assault Force pack worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

The pack gives 50 Assault Jewel Chests, 4 Army Assault Jewels and 8 each IC / CR / RI Assault Jewels.

Assault Force is the best value pack to buy for getting Army Assault jewels, although it is still very pricey. The other troop assault jewels maybe not be so useful anymore after the release of Dragon Arena jewels.

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