Best Ranged Heroes Lineup Lords Mobile

I have put together a list of the best ranged heroes to use for a blast attack in lords mobile. There is also a breakdown based on F2P & P2P heroes, as well as suggested replacement heroes, if you haven’t maxed out some of them yet.

In addition to heroes, it’s also important to use the correct range gear & jewels, attack familiars, talent points and battalions, to deal the maximum amount

Configure Your Range Blast :

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Recommended Ranged Lineups

In lords mobile battles, it is almost always better to hit with one troop type to maximize your attack stats. You need to use the correct type of hero that matches with the troop type when attacking, i.e. you need to send ranged heroes to battle, when attacking with a ranged blast. Each ranged hero you send, will be attached with one ranged squad in the battle.

An ranged hero sent with an ranged squad, will deal 200% squad attack to the enemy, till the time the squad is fighting. If will also give additional Ranged ATK, HP or DEF stats to your whole army, even after the squad is eliminated.

For a ranged blast attack, since there can be only 4 range squads, you only need to send 4 range type heroes for the squad atk. The 5th hero can be of any troop type since it won’t be fighting in the battle, hence using your best army attack hero may give a much higher boost than another range hero in most cases.

Important note : Don’t forget to send your leader in battle for your gear and talent stats to apply.

Below I have suggested the best lineups for a ranged blast for P2P & F2P players.

Lineup With 11k Heroes

Lords Mobile Ranged Lineup 11k

Stats : 210% ATK, 210% HP, 75% DEF

Lightweaver is an Infantry hero, but she gives 60% Rng ATK and 30% Army HP, setting her way above other Ranged heroes. Petite Devil can also be used instead of Snow Queen.

Lineup With P2P Non-11k Heroes

Lords Mobile Ranged Lineup Non-11k Alternate Army

Stats : 140% ATK, 225% HP, 100% DEF

This is the best P2P lineup if you don’t want to buy 11k heroes. Songstress of the Sea can be replaced with Berserker or Lore Weaver depending on which one is your leader, since they all have the same army stats.

Although Ethereal Guide has better ranged stats than Songstress of the Sea, I do not recommend using it, as there will be no army hero in the lineup. Having no army hero will make it obvious to the enemy what troop type you are attacking with and you will also need to remember to change your leader everytime.

Lineup with F2P Heroes + Watcher

Lords Mobile Ranged Lineup Watcher.jpg

Stats : 130% ATK, 75% HP, 50% DEF

This is the best ranged lineup with F2P heroes if you have unlocked watcher.

Lineup With F2P Heroes

Lords Mobile Ranged Lineup F2P

Stats : 140% ATK, 50% HP, 50% DEF

Rose Knight is a cavalry hero, but gives 20% Army ATK and so is better to use compared to other Ranged heroes.

Replacement Range Heroes

These are all the Ranged heroes ranked from best to worst in terms of stats. You can use this list to replace any of the heroes in the above lineups if you don’t have the best ones yet.

I have used 1 ATK = 2.5 HP = 5 DEF for ranking the heroes in general. However, heroes with a higher attack stat have been given a slight preference, since the damage of the pact 5 familiars is based on the troop attack stats.

1.Dark Magister Icon
Dark Magistrar
3.Grove Guardian Icon
Grove Guardian
4.Mastercook Icon
Master Cook
5.Snow Queen Icon
Snow Queen
6.Petite Devil Icon
Petite Devil
7.Ethereal Guide Icon
Ethereal Guide
8.Tracker Icon
9.Death Archer Icon
Death Archer
10.Snail Princess Icon
Snail Princess
8.Songstress of the Sea Icon
Songstress of the Sea
10.Dream Witch Icon
Dream Witch
13.Bombin Goblin Icon
Bombin Goblin
14.Black Crow Icon
Black Crow

Ending Notes

The 11k heroes give a huge boost in terms of attack stats, but are obviously very costly to max out. Excluding the 11k heroes, the P2P and F2P heroes have same attack stats, however it’s the HP boost from P2P heroes that really sets them apart.

What hero lineup do you use for attack? Please share any thoughts or questions in the comments.

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