Shadow Sigil Pack Lords Mobile

Shadow Sigil pack gives special red Shadow Sigils, which can be used to hide your gear from other players. It also gives some resources.

These sigils can be added to the 4th slot in gear. You need to equip a sigil of the same or higher grade as the gear piece. For example an uncommon grade sigil can be used to hide an uncommon gear piece.

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This pack is only available in $100 value and can be bought just once per rotation.

Is Shadow Sigil pack worth buying?

Rating : 1/5

The Shadow Sigil pack gives you 5 grey sigils for $100. You would have to spend around $5200 to make one gold shadow sigil, which would hide one piece of your gear.

While it may it quite useful to be able to hide your gear from opponents to hide what troop type you are sending into battle, this pack is way too costly to justify it usefulness. Not worth buying in my opinion.

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