Summer Sunshine Pack Lords Mobile

Summer Sunshine pack gives Brilliant Astralite Chests, Assault Jewel Chests, Jewel Chests and Sack of Jewels along with some resource chests.

The pack has a mix of astralite and jewels. The assault jewel chest gives army assault and 2 troop type jewels, the jewel chests give Inf, Rng & Cav ATK Jewels, and Sack of Jewels gives monster ATK jewels.

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Summer Sunshine Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Summer Sunshine Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available in $5 value and can be bought just once per rotation.

Is Summer Sunshine pack worth buying?

Rating : 2/5

Summer Sunshine pack gives 100 brilliant astralite chests, 10 Assault Jewel Chests, 10 Jewel Chests and 10 Sack of Jewels.

It gives a mix of astralite and all the different types of ATK jewels, however the quantity of these items is very less and drop rates are not so great to justify the cost of this pack. Not recommended to buy.

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