Strike a Deal Pack Lords Mobile

Strike a Deal pack gives Brilliant Talent Orbs along with Archaic Tomes, anima, EXP Elixir as well as some resources.

Brilliant talent orbs are required to awaken and upgrade familiars to send them into battles. You can also read the detailed guide on Familiar Awakening & Army Talents to see the best familiars to upgrade for battle.

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Strike a Deal Expanded Pack

Strike a Deal Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Strike a Deal Pack Full Rotation

This pack is available for $20 & $50. The value of the pack remains the same as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $20 pack – 100 Brilliant Talent Orbs + 200 Archaic Tomes
  • $50 pack – 250 Brilliant Talent Orbs + 500 Archaic Tomes

Is Strike a Deal pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

You can get 100 orbs for $20 at a value of 5 orbs/$. The pack also gives 200 Archaic Tomes at a value of 10 tomes/$.

Strike a deal is the best pack to buy Brilliant Talent Orbs that are needed for awakening the Pact 4 & 5 familiars. If you also need tomes for research it is a great way to supplement what you get from Massive Discounts pack and do research quicker. If you don’t need tomes and familiar items, Lord’s Party pack also offers the same value as this pack for Brilliant Orbs.

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