Labyrinth Challenge Pack Lords Mobile

Labyrinth Challenge pack gives Dazzling Stars which can be used in the Labyrinth Challenge event. It also gives Labyrinth Badges which can be exchanged for various items like 100% Army Size Boosts, Leader Skins, and 11K heros.

Labyrinth Challenge is a newer event of labyrinth in Lords Mobile where you can use dazzling stars to hit monsters and receive rare materials for newer monsters like Hootclaw, Cottageroar and Gawrilla along with various other materials.

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The pack is only available for $2 and can be purchased once per rotation.

Is Labyrinth Challenge pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

This pack gives 10,000 Dazzling Stars for $2 at a value of 5,000 stars/$. This is the best value pack to buy for dazzling stars. If you need additional stars the Dazzling Star Store also has some good deals to obtain the stars.

Labyrinth Challenge is one of the best ways to get rare materials like Lunar Crest, Forbidden Tome and Gawrilla’s Rage from the newer monsters Hootclaw, Cottageroar and Gawrilla. It also gives rare material like Cursed Skull, Corrosive Toxin, Ancient Blueprints, Bloodsucker, Keystone from older monsters Grim Reaper, Mega Maggot, Mecha Trojan, Saberfang and Hardrox. In addition, it also gives tons of other goodies like gems, rss, attack boosts, army size boosts, carpets, winged boots etc., making it a great purchase.

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