Massive Discounts Pack Lords Mobile

Massive Discounts pack gives Archaic Tomes, research speed ups along with some monster chests and resources.

Archaic Tomes are required to complete certain advanced researches in Lords Mobile, like counter research, unlocking T5, pact 4 familiars, sigils etc.

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Massive Discounts Expanded Pack

Massive Discounts Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Massive Discounts Pack Full Rotation

This pack is available for $5 & $20. The value of the pack decreases as it scales. The following packs can be purchased in one rotation :

  • $5 pack – 250 Archaic Tomes + 50 Speed Up Research (3 h) + 50 Speed Up Research (60m) + 20 Monster Chests each
  • $20 pack – 850 Archaic Tomes + 100 Speed Up Research (3 h) + 100 Speed Up Research (60m) + 40 Monster Chests each

Is Massive Discounts pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

Massive Discounts is a great pack to purchase for Archaic Tomes giving a total of 250 tomes for $5, for a value of 50 tomes/$. It also gives some research speeds, monster chests and rss.

The Kingdom Labor Gold Pass and Weekly Archaic Pass have better values, but are very slow. You can buy $5 or even $20 version of Massive Discounts pack to collect tomes quicker.

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