Gems? Gems! Pack Lords Mobile

Gems? Gems! pack gives gems, Shiny Surprise chest, Fortune chest along with some resources.

The pack gives a mix of items. Shiny Surprise chest gives gems while Fortune Chest gives holy stars to use in labyrinth.

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This pack is available for $20 and can be purchased only once per day.

Is Gems? Gems! pack worth buying?

Rating : 1/5

The pack has a mix of few items. It gives 15 Shiny Surprise Chests which can be used to obtain gems. It also gives 10 Fortune Chests which give holy start to use in labyrinth.

It gives around 50k gems for $20 in addition to the drops you can get from Shiny Surprise chest. Overall the pack is too costly for the amount of gems it gives, since they can be purchased cheaper from other sources.

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