Crown Jewels Pack Lords Mobile

Crown Jewels pack gives Assault Jewels, Turf Jewel Chests, Jewel Chests as well as individual Infantry, Range and Cavalry jewels. It also gives some monster chests.

Each gear in Lords has 3 slots where you can embed jewels to gain extra stats. One jewel can only be placed in one of the 3 slots per gear.

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Crown Jewels Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Crown Jewels Pack Full Rotation

The pack starts at $20 and can be bought up to $100 in one rotation. The value of the pack keeps reducing with higher packs. You can purchase the following packs –

  • $20 pack – 10 Assault Jewels + 30 Jewel Chests + 8 each Inf/Rng/Cav ATK jewels + 20 each Monster Chests
  • $50 pack – 25 Assault Jewels + 60 Jewel Chests + 32 each Inf/Rng/Cav ATK jewels + 60 each Monster Chests
  • $100 pack – 50 Assault Jewels + 130 Jewel Chests + 64 each Inf/Rng/Cav ATK jewels + 100 each Monster Chests

Is Crown Jewels pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

This is the only pack in the game that gives ATK jewels for Infantry, Range & Cavalry. These are the best jewels to put on your gear, so this pack is nice to get if you are looking to upgrade your jewels.

The pack also has some assault jewel & turf jewel chests, although very less in number for good drops. The other option would be to use gems or guild coins to purchase jewel chests.

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