Kingdom Labors Gold Pass Lords Mobile

Kingdom Labors Gold Pass pack gives Technolabes which can be used for completing research, Artifact Coins and Archaic Tomes along with some speed ups and resources.

The pass is available for purchase every month in Kingdom Labors. You must clear the kingdom labors quests to unlock the prizes.

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The pack is available for $6 for first purchase and can be renewed every month. If you purchase it first time you will get coupon and can get it for $5 in the subsequent months.

The pass can be purchased at any time during the month to unlock all the gifts from completing

Is Kingdom Labors Gold Pass pack worth buying?

Rating : 5/5

The Gold Pass is a great value pack. It gives 80 Technolabes, 8100 Artifact Coins and 550 Archaic Tomes. The Technolabes are really nice for newer players who want to complete research, but the artifact coins make this pack completely worth buying.

It gives 8100 artifact coins for $5 at a value of 1620 coins/$. It also gives 550 Archaic Tomes at a value of 110 tomes/$. It’s the best value pack to buy both Artifact Coins and Archaic Tomes.

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