Battle Prowess Pack Lords Mobile

Battle Prowess pack gives Mystic Carpet I, License to Kill, Winged Boots II, Relocators, Army Size Boost (50%) and Army ATK Boost (70%).

Carpets are essential in Lords Mobile for speeding up rallies on enemy targets and wonders to give the opponent less time to react and counter your comp.

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Battle Prowess Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Battle Prowess Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available for $5 and can be purchased once per rotation.

Is Battle Prowess pack worth buying?

Rating : 4.5/5

The pack gives 5 x 25% Carpets, 30 x 50% Winged Boots, 2x 50% Army Size Boosts, 2 x 70% Army ATK Boost, 5 Relocators and 1 License to Kill.

This is the only way in the game to get a 70% Army ATK boost, which might be very useful against tough opponents, but especially in wonder rallies. Overall this pack is a nice value because of the carpets and 70% ATK boost, and specially for rally leads.

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