Royal Coins Pack Lords Mobile

Royal Coins pack is a great pack that gives royal coins. Royal coins can be used to open special artifact chests and obtain various artifacts to boost your stats.

Lords mobile runs rotating events where you can open Glorious, Regal and Royal chests to obtain special artifacts. You can also read about the Best Artifacts to Upgrade.

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Royal Coins Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Royal Coins Pack Full Rotation

Royal Coins pack is available only for $50 value and can be purchased just once per rotation.

Is Royal Coins pack worth buying?

Rating : 3.5/5

Royal coins pack gives 6000 coins for $50, at a value of 120 coins/$. This pack is not the best value pack to obtain Royal Coins, since Royal Coins Bundle I & II have a slightly better value.

However, if you are looking to collect a lot of Royal Coins to rank in the artifact event, then this pack is an option to consider.

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