Bundle Up Pack Lords Mobile

Bundle Up pack gives rare material for the monsters Bon Appeti (Glowing Halos), Queen Bee (Queen Venom) and Saberfang (Bloodsucker).

This rare material is useful for making monster gear in the game. The pack also gives monster chests & some speed ups.

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The pack is available only for $10 and can be purchased just once per rotation.

Is Bundle Up pack worth buying?

Rating : 4/5

Bundle Up gives 64 Glowing Halo, Queen Venom and Blood Sucker each for $10. These are rare materials from the monsters Bon Appeti, Queen Bee and Saberfang respectively.

Although you can obtain these materials from tycoon / labyrinth for a better value, this pack is a decent value too if you need materials for 2 or 3 monsters from the set. If you are making 3 cups from bon appeti, it maybe useful to get this pack to get the Glowing Halos a little bit quickly.

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Let us know if you think gear from these 3 monsters is worth upgrading and which other material pack you think is useful in the comments below.

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