Best P2P War Heroes Lords Mobile

If you are planning to get P2P heroes in Lord Mobile, this guide will help you plan and decide the best & only paid heroes that you need to buy. Note that the focus of this article is war heroes, so I have not covered other heroes which provide admin boosts like Witch Doll.

Lords Mobile has a lot of P2P heroes to choose from, which provide a huge boost when sent into battle. Due to the way the packs are structured, it is considerably cheaper to buy the heroes slowly over time with the $5 packs, compared to buying them at once, even though it takes a huge amount of time to max them.

If you are trying to decide which hero should you send in battle with each troop type, see my guides for best infantry heroes lineup, ranged heroes lineup, cavalry heroes lineup and fort or wall defence heroes lineup.

Best P2P War Heroes in Lords Mobile

These are the best heroes to buy in Lords mobile for battle stats, broken down by the different type of boosts they provide :

Army Heroes

Army heroes are absolutely essential for defending rallies on forts and castles. If you are going to get any paid heroes, I would recommend prioritizing army heroes over single troop type ones (except Petite Devil). Also see my recommended Mix Hero Lineup for Defense for P2P & F2P.

1. Lore Weaver ($165)

Lore Weaver Icon
  • Army ATK 20%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Army DEF 25%

Lore weaver has amazing army stats and is overall the best P2P hero to buy in the game. Songstress of the Sea also has the same stats and is also cheaper, however Lore Weaver is absolutely essential in the colosseum putting her at the top of the buy list.

2. Storm Fox ($110)

Storm Fox Icon
  • Army ATK 20%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Training Speed 20%

Storm Fox has almost same stats as Lore Weaver (minus the defense) and costs just $110. She also gives a 20% training speed boost, which is why I’ve placed her above Songstress. Storm Fox is practically tied with Lore Weaver for the first place, depending on whether or not you want to spend the extra bit of money on Lore Weaver for the edge in colosseum.

3. Songstress of the Sea ($110)

Songstress of the Sea Icon
  • Army ATK 20%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Army DEF 25%

Songstress has the same stats as Lore Weaver and is comparatively cheaper as well. If you do not care about colosseum or training speed and are just looking to get the best army hero in the least amount of money then Songstress is your best bet.

4. Berserker ($165)

Berserker Icon
  • Army ATK 20%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Army DEF 25%

Berserker also has the same stats as Lore Weaver & Songstress but costs higher. She is also a great hero for colosseum, but she is not absolutely vital like Lore Weaver, hence placed lower in the list.

5. Dream Witch ($165)

Dream Witch Icon
  • Army ATK 20%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Training Speed 25%

Dream Witch has an amazing 25% training boost, but was placed lower on the list due to the higher cost. She is closely tied with Berserker depending on how much you care about the colosseum.

Infantry Heroes

These are the best options for P2P Infantry heroes. Also see Infantry Blast Hero Lineup for F2P & P2P.

1. Twilight Priestess ($165)

Twilight Priestess Icon
  • Inf ATK 30%
  • Inf HP 50%
  • Inf DEF 50%

Twilight Priestess is the best Infantry hero (except for the 11k heroes). She is also good at colosseum.

2. Grim Wolf ($165)

Grim Wolf Icon
  • Inf ATK 30%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Inf DEF 50%

Grim Wolf has only 25% Army HP, compared to the 50% HP given by F2P heroes like Demon Slayer and Oathkeeper.

3. Big Guy ($276)

The Big Guy Icon
  • Inf ATK 30%
  • Inf DEF 50%
  • Construction Speed 30%

Even though Big Guy’s stats are not as impressive as the other P2P heroes, it comes with an advantage that it can be maxed in one shot for the same amount of money, whereas you need to wait for the hero rotation to max out the other heroes.

It is a good tank hero and pretty useful in certain lineups in the colosseum. It also comes with a 30% construction speed boost which is helpful in the early stages of the game. However, I personally would not recommend getting it, specially after you have already upgraded to castle level 25. There are cheaper heroes with better stats available.

Ranged Heroes

These are the best options for P2P Ranges heroes. Also see Ranged Blast Hero Lineup for F2P & P2P.

1. Petite Devil ($110)

Petite Devil Icon
  • Rng ATK 30%
  • Rng HP 50%
  • Research Speed 25%

Petite Devil has battle great stats, gives a research boost, is amazing in colosseum and is cheap to max out. If you are just planning on getting 1 paid hero in lords, you should go for this one.

2. Grove Guardian ($165)

Grove Guardian Icon
  • Rng ATK 30%
  • Rng HP 50%
  • Rng DEF 50%

Grove Guardian has the best stats for P2P range heroes (except 11k heroes) and it also works wonderfully in colosseum.

3. Mastercook ($165)

Mastercook Icon
  • Rng ATK 30%
  • Rng HP 50%
  • Army DEF 25%

Mastercook’s stats are almost on par with Grove Guardian, however it is not as great in the colosseum, hence ranked lower.

4. Ethereal Guide ($110)

Ethereal Guide Icon
  • Rng ATK 30%
  • Army HP 25%
  • Rng DEF 50%

Ethereal guide has decent attack stats albeit a slightly lower HP. I do not recommend getting her if you are getting the above 3 heroes as well, since you will already have 4 ranged heroes (including snow queen). If using Ethereal Guide as your 5th hero, you will need to remember to change your leader every time, which is not worth the extra hassle in my opinion.

That said however, her cost is low, so if you don’t care about the additional 25% HP, I would recommend getting her instead of Mastercook.

Cavalry Heroes

These are the best options for P2P Cavalry Heroes. Also see Cavalry Blast Hero Lineup for F2P & P2P.

1. Steambot ($110)

Steambot Icon
  • Cav ATK 30%
  • Cav HP 50%
  • Cav DEF 50%

Steambot is the best P2P cavalry hero. It costs $110 to max out so is on the cheaper side.

2. Barbarian ($110)

Barbarian Icon
  • Cav ATK 30%
  • Cav HP 50%
  • Army DEF 25%

Barbarian costs the same as steambot, but is ranked lower due to the small difference in defence stats.

Heroes for Wonder Battles

When leading rallies on wonders, there are some heroes which can increase the Max Coalition Army Size. I do not recommend getting any of these heroes if you are not planning to be a full fledged rally lead. However, if you are, the additional 600k troops can make or break the battle. Also the boosts for these heroes are passive, so they do not need to be sent into battle for them to apply.

1. Snail Princess ($110)

Snail Princess Icon
  • Coalition Size +200k
  • Rng ATK 30%
  • Familiar Training Lvl Exp 20%

Gives 30% Rng ATK in addition to 200k extra coalition size. I’ve placed it higher because it also gives Familiar Training Exp boost.

2. Cursed Hunter ($110)

Cursed Hunter Icon
  • Coalition Size +200k
  • Inf ATK 30%
  • Pacts Merging Speed 20%

Same battle stats as above, with 30% Inf ATK. Also gives Merging Speed boost.

3. Don Guappo ($110)

Don Guapo Icon
  • Coalition Size +200k
  • Cav ATK 30%
  • Max Anima Storage +300k

Same cost and battle stats as the above 2 heroes, with 30% Cav ATK. Also gives Max anima storage.

Passive Stats Heroes

Apart from all the above mentioned heroes, there are a few newer heroes which give passive stats. These heroes do not need to be sent into battle, but give decent boosts when hired.

1. Color Chronicler ($165)

  • Inf-Rng Counter 15%
  • Rng-Cav Counter 15%
  • Cav-Inf Counter 15%

Color Chronicler came out with the new counters research and gives an additional 15% counter boost for each type. Counter boosts are pretty powerful and I would recommend getting this hero if you want to lead rallies. It is not a must have if you do not lead rallies, but is still definitely helpful for defending rallies and improving overall battle stats.

2. Wave Crasher ($165)

  • Cav Atk Blessing 10%
  • Cav HP Blessing 10%
  • Cav DEF Blessing 10%

Wave Crasher gives passive cavalry stats including attack, hp & def. It’s slightly better among the other passive stat heroes because it has an extra HP boost.

3. Wandering Alchemist ($165)

  • Cav Atk Blessing 10%
  • Cav HP Blessing 10%
  • Cav DEF Blessing 10%

Wandering Alchemist gives passive range stats including attack, hp & def. It’s slightly better among the other passive stat heroes because it has an extra HP boost similar to Wave Crasher.

4. Magmaroid ($165)

  • Inf Atk Blessing 10%
  • Inf Def Blessing 10%
  • Gear Crafting Boost 20%

This is another new hero which also gives passive atk boosts. You do not need to send Magmaroid in battle to get the 10% inf atk & def boost. It also comes with a 20% crafting speed boost, which can be useful if you send a lot of T5 in rallies. Would not recommend for other players.

5. Necroduke ($165)

  • Cav Atk Blessing 10%
  • Cav Def Blessing 10%
  • Gear Crafting Boost 20%

Similar to Magaroid, Necroduke also gives passive stats, but for cavalry and comes with 20% crafting speed boost. It’s nice to have if you’re a lead with other gear maxed out, as it gives passive stats, not recommended to get otherwise.

6. Sand Sage ($165)

  • Rng Atk Blessing 10%
  • Rng Def Blessing 10%
  • Gear Crafting Boost 20%

Sand Sage gives passive range stats & crafting speed similar to Magmaroid & Necroduke.

7. Shield Maiden ($165)

  • Inf Atk Blessing 10%
  • Inf Def Blessing 10%
  • Familiar Training Lv Exp 20%

Shield Maiden gives passive infantry stats & familiar training level exp similar to Magmaroid and the above heroes.

8. Oracle ($5,500)

  • Army Atk Blessing 10%
  • Army HP Blessing 10%
  • Army Def Blessing 10%

Oracle gives passive army attack, HP & defense stats. Although it has nice stats, it’s cost of $5,500 is too high.

11k Heroes

There are 3 heroes in the game which cost $11,000 to max out and are generally referred to as 11k heroes. Needless to say these heroes give huge boost to stats, but are expensive to max out. They may not be for you unless you are in the top few players in the game.

1. Lightweaver ($11,000)

Lightweaver Icon
  • Inf ATK 60%
  • Rng ATK 60%
  • Army HP 30%

Lightweaver is a range hero, and gives 60% attack boost for range and cavalry.

2. Dark Magistrar ($11,000)

Dark Magister Icon
  • Rng ATK 60%
  • Cav ATK 60%
  • Army HP 30%

Dark Magistrar is a range hero, and gives 60% attack boost for range and cavalry.

3. Shape Shifter ($11,000)

Stats – Cav ATK 60%, Inf ATK 60%, Army HP 30%

Shape Shifter Icon
  • Cav ATK 60%
  • Inf ATK 60%
  • Army HP 30%

Shape Shifter is a cavalry hero, and gives 60% attack boost for cavalry & infantry.

P2P Heroes Cost

Big Guy$276
Color Chronicler$165
Cursed Hunter$110
Dark Follower$110
Dark Magistrar$11,000
Don Guappo$110
Dream Witch$165
Ethereal Guide$110
Femme Fatale$110
Grim Wolf$165
Grove Guardian$165
Light Weaver$11,000
Lore Weaver$165
Master Cook$165
Petite Devil$110
Prince of Thieves$110
Sand Sage$165
Shape Shifter$11,000
Shield Maiden$165
Snail Princess$110
Songstress of the Sea$110
Storm Fox$110
Twilight Priestess$165
Vengeful Centaur$110
Wandering Alchemist$165
Wave Crasher$165
Witch Doll$165

Ending Notes

Although there are a lot of heroes to choose from, Petite Devil definitely stands out in terms of cost & stats. Apart from that I recommend starting out with the army heroes, followed by the individual troop type ones. I’d only recommend going for the wonder battle & passive stat heroes if you are planning to be a rally lead.

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  1. Firstly, thank you for the awesome site, very valuable resource for all Lords players, especially those starting out and wanting to know what to aim for.

    Secondly, I have noticed that you have not included Boommeister anywhere at all. I did a search and got nothing. Is a hero that gives 10% Passive boost to all 3 Army statistics not any good?

    I imagine it is difficult to list him anywhere, but he must have some place somewhere.

    Anyway, again thanks for the great site.

    • Hey Feren, yeah Boommeister is a good hero definitely, it’s passive stats are very useful. It wasn’t a p2p hero so not included here, and generally not sent into battle as well so I didn’t get a change to cover it yet. I’ll do a post focused on DA soon 🙂


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