Familiar Awakening & Army Talents

Familiars deliver a powerful punch in a battle if used correctly, but awakening them is a lengthy process & can be quite costly. A lot of people waste their hard earned orbs early in the game on awakening familiars that are not so useful later on. Knowing the best familiars to awaken & upgrade in Lords Mobile, will help you upgrade your battle stats much quicker.

This article will guide you through the best familiar army talents to focus on and prioritize, taking into account their attack boost as well as the cost to upgrade them. I have also given a breakdown of the orbs required to awaken the different familiars.

If you are looking for the overall best familiars to use for battle, here are 2 articles you might find useful :

Best Familiars to Awaken

Since familiars are fairly costly to awaken, I recommend picking out your final lineup early in the game depending on your game goals / spending capacity and only working on those familiars. While it may be tempting to use your orbs on lower level familiars to get an immediate boost, you would get a much better return in the long term by focusing on the stronger familiars.

Below are my recommendations for which familiars to upgrade based upon how powerful they are vs their relative cost.

1. Pact 5 Familiars

Pact 5 Familiars Lords Mobile

The 6 paid familiars – Bon Appeti, Blackwing, Gargantua, Huey Hops, Queen Bee, Frostwing – hit the hardest in the game. All of them target the enemies largest squad i.e. in most cases the enemy backline. This makes your hit amazingly powerful even if you are countered. They are the best familiars in the game so far, dealing a huge amount of damage and are definitely at the top of the list.

2. Jade Wyrm

Jade Wyrm Icon

The newly added familiar Jade Wyrm reduces the damage inflicted on your troops. This lets your troops fight for longer and hence they inflict more damage to the enemy. This familiar also has a synergistic effect with other shield familiars i.e. hoarder, snow beast and saberfang. Thus Jade Wyrm is a great addition to your lineup.

3. Stackable Familiars

Stackable Familiars Lords Mobile

The stackable familiars are a must have for attack. They give a permanent attack boost which keeps increasing throughout the battle, sometimes even going up to 500%-600% which can turn the tide of the battle. They are also not as costly as Pact 4 & Pact 5 familiars to max out and deliver great value for their cost.

4. Gryphon

Gryphon Icon

Gryphon is also an amazing familiar since it gives a 200% attack boost to the whole army for 10 secs. Although slightly more costly to awaken, it can be used for all three troop types and definitely delivers in terms of value.

5. Hell Drider

Hell Drider Icon

Hell Drider petrifies one of the enemy’s largest squad for 11 secs. The usefulness of this familiar depends a lot on where you want to use it. It’s not very useful for hitting a mix troop comp, since in this case, it will affect only a small portion of the enemy troops. However, it is very useful against a blast as it will freeze a very large portion of the enemy troops. In general, it may be a good option to use for defence, as well as for defending certain types of rallies in wonder battles, but may not be so useful for attacking.

6. Tempestite

Tempestite Icon

Tempestite stuns the largest enemy squad for 8 secs. This makes it great for defending against single troop type attacks, since it will essentially stun 1/4th of the attacking army. It also works fairly well while attacking and is overall an amazing familiar, especially because of it’s low cost compared to other familiars, giving the most bang for your buck. If you are planning to awaken just 1 or 2 familiars, tempestite should definitely be on the top of your list.

7. Mega Maggot

Mega Maggot Icon

Mega Maggot stuns all enemy heroes for 5 secs after 15% of your troops have fallen. It’s great for hitting mixed troops especially in castles because all 5 heroes are into play in those cases and will get stunned. Although this is a decent talent in terms of effectiveness, the cost of upgrading mega maggot is relatively high for the boost it provides, hence it’s slightly lower on the list. If you are planning on getting all Pact 4 & Pact 5 familiars, it may be best to skip this one.

8. Shield Summoning Familiars

Shied Summoning Familiars

These familiars summon a shield that protects a portion of your army from dying and lets them fight for longer essentially increasing the damage that you deal. Although these Pact 4 familiars are among the top familiars in battle, they are very difficult and costly to upgrade for the boost they provide, hence placed lower on the list.

9. HP Buff/Debuff familiars

HP Boosting Familiars Lords Mobile

Evil Weevil increases your army HP by 15%. Aquiris reduces the enemy’s Army HP by 15%. When used together, these familiars create a 30% HP gap. Although a 30% HP boost doesn’t seem as powerful as the other familiars, the advantage is that the skill triggers at the beginning of the battle and boosts your whole army’s HP, making them great options for wall defense. Also they are fairly cheap to upgrade.

10. Pyris

Pyris Icon

Pyris is not among the most powerful familiars, but it is really easy to upgrade. Since it also works with all troop types, it’s a good option in the earlier stages of the game, but overall your orbs could be better used elsewhere.

If you have opened just 3 or 4 familiar slots, there are better familiars to use and you should not upgrade pyris. However, if you have opened all 5 familiar slots, you are most likely also working towards pact 5 familiars, so it may be useful is as a temporary filler until those are unlocked.

11. ATK + HP Familiars

ATK + HP Familiars Lords Mobile

The 3 newly added familiars give a 60% boost in ATK & HP for a troop type for 15 secs, after 5% troops of one type have fallen. They are not the best familiars for attack or defence, however, they are decent & relatively cheaper option to have for the early stages of the game, or if you never plan on upgrading the other familiars.

12. ATK Boosting Familiars

ATK Boosting Familiars Lords Mobile

These familiars give a 15% ATK boost for a single troop type at the start of battle. This skill is fairly useful in battle and also doesn’t cost a lot to upgrade. These are good familiars to have in the early stages of the game, however your orbs could be much better used for upgrading the more powerful familiars like the tempestite or the stacking ones. Wouldn’t recommend upgrading these.

12. Other HP & Defense Familiars

The remaining familiars which boost troop type HP, or give defense stats are not worth upgrading.

Talent Orbs and Familiar Awakening Cost

Talent Orbs Cost in Gems

To awaken a familiar you first need to get it to elder stage and then upgrade the army talents using orbs. There are 2 types of orbs, Bright Orbs, which are used for awakening rarity 1-3 familiars and Brilliant Orbs, used for rarity 4-5 familiars.

Talent orbs are available for purchase in the gem mall, but are extremely costly. There are packs available which may be a better value.

Below is a breakdown of the number of orbs needed and cost of awakening the familiars by their rarity.

Bright Talent Orbs [Rarity 1-3 Familiars]

Bright Talent Orb Pack

Bright Talent Orbs are relatively cheaper compared to Brilliant orbs, and you can get 50 of them for $5 from A Night of Mystery pack. See number of bright orbs needed for rarity 1-3 familiars below.


Brilliant Talent Orbs [Rarity 4-5 Familiars]

Brilliant Talent Orbs Pack

Brilliant Talent orbs can be purchased from Strike a Deal pack and you can get 50 of them for $10. See number of brilliant orbs needed for rarity 4-5 familiars below.


Ending Notes

The 6 Pact 5 familiars which are paid, are the most powerful in battle. In addition the stacking familiars are must haves. Apart from those those you should plan out and selectively upgrade the familiar army talents based on what you want from the game.

What familiars are you working on? Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Familiar Awakening & Army Talents”

  1. Thank you for this article. AFAIK, you are the only person who has talked about the shield summoning familiars, and how powerful they are. I have maxed all my stackable familiars. Now, I am wondering whether to go for Gryphon or one of the shield summoning familiars. They both cost the same. However, gryphon boost is not permanent, lasting only 10 seconds. So, I am not excited about it. However, for some reason no on is excited about the shielders. Why?

    • Hey Madho, I would recommend going for Gryphon first. The 200% boost to army attack is very valuable even for 10 secs, and also very importantly gryphon can be used for all 3 troop types. The shield summoning familiars are powerful, but training and upgrading all of them will take much longer and cost a lot more.

  2. You have an error on this page. An Level 9 on an R2 Familiar skill is 62 orbs. You have it listed as 94. Thanks for this page. Very useful infomation.

  3. With the addition of Mole Shaman, Noceros, and Magus with the Pact 3 talents, would you still recommend doing the stacking three first?

  4. Never ever skip the maggot , hitting the solotraps it does miracles together with wyrm and helldrider + a mandatory shieldfam ( 5th dealers choise )
    Personally i get better results from a stacker as it can go up to 800% +

    • Different familiars become more powerful in different situations, there are cases when maggot works very well. However, the list is a generally recommended order to optimize for most cases in the least expensive way. 🙂

    • You need to raise the level of the familiars to get them to adult and elder stage. This can be done by training them in the gym or using EXP elixirs. After level 20, the familiar will go to adult stage and after level 50 it will be at elder stage. You will also need to merge pacts to obtain a minimum number of runes to unlock each level.


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