Instant Progress Pack Lords Mobile

Instant Progress pack gives normal, training and research speed ups along with tokens, holy stars, monster chests and some resources.

The pack is a mix of all many useful game items that you can use to do research, train troops or build gear.

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This pack is available for $50 and can be purchased only once per rotation.

Is Instant Progress pack worth buying?

Rating : 1/5

The pack gives 5 x 3 day Speed Ups and 25 x 24 hour Speeds Ups each for training, research and general use. In addition it gives 150 Luck Tokens, 15000 Holy Stars and 60 each monster chests along with some resources.

While the pack seems to give a good mix of items of all sorts that are useful in the initial stages of the game, it’s too costly to justify it’s value. You would be better off getting the items you need directly from other better value packs.

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