Carpe Diem Pack Lords Mobile

Carpe Diem pack gives Happy Hour chests, normal speed ups, research speed ups and war prep chests with some resources.

The pack is useful if you want to get speed up for research or for training / healing some troops.

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Carpe Diem Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Carpe Diem Pack Full Rotation

This pack is available for $10 and can be purchased only once per rotation.

Is Carpe Diem pack worth buying?

Rating : 1/5

The pack gives 3 x 3 day speed ups, 20 x 24 hour speed ups, 20 x 8 hour speed ups, 3 x 3 day research speed ups, 20 x 24 hour research speed ups and 20 x 8 hour research speed ups.

Although this is the best value packs for getting research speed ups giving 85 hr of research speed ups/$ along with 85 hr of normal speed ups/$, they can be purchased at a much cheaper price in the game from other sources so this pack is not worth buying.

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