Familiar Support Pack Lords Mobile

Familiar Support pack gives Familiar Training Level EXP Boost and Training Time Boost, Pact Merging speed boost, as well as increased number of pact merging, anima productions and anima storage.

These benefits are valid for 30 days from purchase and can be renewed again after that.

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Familiar Support Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

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The pack is available for $10 and can be purchased once in 30 days.

Is Turf Club pack worth buying?

Rating : 2.5/5

Familiar Support pack gives 20% Familiar Training Level EXP Boost, +240 minutes Familiar Training Time Boost, 20% Pact Merging speed boost, +9 Pacts Merged, +10,800 Anima Production/Hour and +800,000 Anima storage boost.

The pack maybe useful if you want to upgrade your familiars quickly, but is not much useful in other stages of the game. If you purchase this pack, make the most of it by saving up merging speed ups, rss, anima, EXP elixir etc and use them together to upgrade familiars in this 30 day period.

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