Carpet Diem Pack Lords Mobile

Carpet Diem pack gives Mystic Carpet I & II, Winged Boots III and 50% Army Size Boosts along with some resources.

Carpets are essential in Lords Mobile for speeding up rallies on enemy targets and wonders to give the opponent less time to react and counter your comp.

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Carpet Diem Expanded Pack

Carpet Diem Expanded Pack Lords Mobile

Carpet Diem Pack Full Rotation

This pack is only available for $50 and can be purchased just once per rotation.

Is Carpet Diem pack worth buying?

Rating : 2.5/5

The pack gives 5 Mystic Carpet II (50%) and 22 Mystic Carpet 1 (25%) for $50, which is quite costly. The winged boots are also too few to justify the high cost.

This pack is not great value and other packs like Mystic Carpet Ride, Carpet Dash or Battle Prowess give a much better value for carpets.

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